Giving is Good

3 Oct

Giving is Good

The Mount Wellington Charitable Trust is a subsidiary of the Mount Wellington Licensing Trust. The Trust has been distributing operational profits to the local community for 60 years.

Cash grants from the Charitable Trust help out a range of community groups and people including funding of scholarships for university fees, Outward Bound and Spirit of New Zealand for local high school students, through to refurbishment of sports facilities, provision of equipment for low decile schools and care for the elderly.

The Trust is managed by local residents who are connected to the needs of their community. There are six permanent and three co-opted Trustees who act as custodians for the available funds.

Company General Manager, Brent Robinson, talks of the uplifting and motivational nature of such a philosophy on all the staff of the business units the Trust owns and operates. “I tell all new employees at their induction how this may be the only time in their working lives that they work for a public good entity, and go on to outline the good that the Trust does in our local community,” he says.

With increasing profits from the Trust’s main asset, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, the Board is in the happy position to be able to consider more applications for support from worthy causes in the area.

The Giving is Good brand has been created so that clients of Waipuna understand the direct positive effects that their custom brings for the local community.